Bernardo Chua: This Global Marketing Expert And Management Specialist Was Once A Small Child In The Philippines

With an unselfish approach, Bernardo Chua has not only become involved with charitable organizations, he has helped others achieve success. He also wants those working with him, his employees, to learn and grow and ‘To Do’ helping them by letting them know what he is doing and why he is doing it.

As a child he became aware of and studied the benefits of Ganoderma which is heavily used for medicinal purposes in many Asian cultures.

It also has great potential in this day and age in the field of bioremediation for addressing the issue of severely contaminated sites using natural organisms to turn toxic chemicals and other deadly substances into a less harmful state. This would lead to his creation of the Organo Gold company in later years.

Bernardo T Chua was once just some guy in the Philippines who become one of those that understands no matter how good your product is; you’ll still need to get the word out. This means heavy duty marketing with intelligence behind it. If you are unable to do this, no one will ever know your product exists. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

This philosophy, backed with dedication and hard work, enabled him to create the company Organo Gold in the Canada province of British Columbia starting with just three employees.

The company now operates and distributes in more than 35 countries employing thousands of people. Bernardo Chua is well known as a top level marketer and management expert with principles that apply to any business.

Bernardo Chua’s company, Organo Gold, was honored with the title of ‘The Number One Global Network Marketing Company in 2015, from the National Consumer Affairs Foundation in the Philippines.

At the same time, he was placed in a very select group being recognized as one of the ‘World Class Filipino Products And Achievers’ receiving the Dangal Ng Bayan Award.

Why Business Owners Should Pay Attention To Their Online Reputation

Business owners now need to realize that their online reputation is something they should not ignore. In fact business owners are highly encouraged to take control and manager their online reputation. This statistic alone should scare or motivate any entrepreneur to take charge of their digital footprint. Businesses or professionals such as doctors can risk losing more than half of all potential business if search engine results display negative results in the first page. Basically, the more negative things you have on search engine results, the more you will suffer in potentially lost business.

Getting your online reputation under control is not a Herculean task. The best way to start is by doing a thorough Google search and maybe a Yahoo and Bing while you are at it. You might want search Google images as well. Carefully look at what the results bring. If you see negative results, make a note of it.

Once you have an idea of what your reputation is, it is time to take action. If you have identified negative social media postings or images, you should try and remove or take them down. This is called cleaning up your online reputation. After all you don’t want a client or investor in your company digging through personal embarrassing photos or trolling comments you may have made years ago. Experts from Status Labs suggest removing as much of the negative stuff as you can and your online reputation should see a major improvement.

The next best thing you can do is to create a personal website and include a personal bio or about us section for a company. This page should rank high in search engine results and be an informative and authoritative source of information about you on the web. Try to use your actual name, your company’s name or a deviation of your name or brand name as the URL. Doing this will further improve your online presence.

Some additional tips to make your personal and company page standout include adding an active element to it. This means that you publish new content on it such as a blog or press releases periodically. Providing a method of contact can also make you more credible and lead to business opportunities.

How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Has Managed To Dominate The World Of Athletic Gear

When film actress Kate Hudson launched Fabletics in 2013, it quickly became clear that the star was much more than just another celebrity putting their name on a product line. Now, four years later, Kate Hudson has taken the fashion industry by storm by consistently developing brilliant strategies that have earned the athletic apparel brand incredible success.


Now valued at over $250 million, Fabletics earns more each year than Amazon’s exercise apparel department. A large part of the company’s success has to do with Hudson’s understanding of the priorities of the modern fashion consumer. She realizes that today’s shoppers care more about customer relationships and personalized experiences than catching a good deal.



The Fabletics VIP Membership Program


Fabletics was launched as a retail website, complete with an online shopping cart and an inventory of hundreds of extremely stylish athletic apparel items. The company’s claim to fame, however, is its VIP membership program. Instead of shopping for items by browsing through the online store and adding them to the shopping cart, VIP members pay a monthly fee to receive a full exercise outfit in the mail each month. The flat monthly fee of $49.95 means that VIP members actually pay less per item than they would had they purchased each item through the shopping cart.


Fabletics selects the outfit for each VIP member based on a lifestyle quiz that is given to customers upon signing up. This quiz gives Fabletics an idea of which products each subscriber wants based on their tastes in clothes as well as the types of workouts that they enjoy.


Blogger Teri Hutcheon has been a VIP member for several years. She was first motivated to join the VIP membership program out of convenience. With a busy exercise schedule, Teri had spent much of her time shopping for workout clothes, often spending up to $50 on just a pair of athletic leggings. Letting Fabletics select the clothes for her was a dream come true. Plus, Teri was dazzled by the affordable prices of the high-quality Fabletics products.


Recently, Fabletics has introduced physical stores around the country. These stores are reverse showrooms, designed to encourage customers to join the VIP program by building personal relationships and letting customers try Fabletics clothes on in person. About half of the customers who walk into a Fabletics store are already members and 25 percent become members before walking out. The success of the strategy has led to the development of more stores around the world.


If you want to join the VIP membership program and start receiving a workout outfit in the mail each month, visit and take the lifestyle quiz.

Kevin Seawright Is Helping Build Strong Communities

Kevin Seawright is the CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Previously, he worked at the COO of the education sector of the City of Baltimore. He has worked in the financial sector the majority of his long and distinguished career.

He worked to help stimulate public and economic growth on the East Coast for over thirteen years. He has vast experience in payroll and general finance, but his strength lies in his ability to foresee the economic needs of an area and help its people to usher in new growth.

Kevin Seawright is not only an accomplished businessman, but he is also a dedicated community advocate. He partnered with local Newark officials in 2016 to help children get summer jobs. In the community, many school age kids work to help make ends meet and to help gain work experience before college. This way a boost for those students that might not otherwise have been selected. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO

He is dedicated to helping communities overcome their economic obstacle and help to revitalize and stimulate local economies. He was recently recognized by Notre Dame’s Executive Leadership Program for successfully completing the Nonprofit Fund Development Program which is allowing him to align his interests more closely with the needs of local communities. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

The course is a way for the community leadership to keep up to date with the current trends concerning non-profit organizations in their area.

Kevin Seawright is committed to helping people and communities succeed and enjoy stability and growth. In addition to helping individuals become first-time homeowners, he is also helping direct attention to the area’s outreach and non-profit efforts to benefit residents.

Copa Star Creates New Rhythm In Brazilian Healthcare Space

Copa Star adds a new meaning to the Brazilian healthcare industry with its state-of-the-art treatment options and ultra-modern amenities at the hospital. The premium class hospital which is located in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, is considered to be a great addition to the healthcare needs of the city and the country as a whole. Since it inaugurated in November 2016, the hospital from the group Rede D’Or São Luiz is the destination for cardiac surgery and neurosurgery. The trend started by Copa Star is now spreading to other hospital groups as well, and Brazil is in a transformation of high-quality healthcare with world class amenities for the patients.

The hospital has highly trained staff who are capable of handling any critical situation of the patient and ensure personalized care. Each staff of the hospital receives two months compulsory training while they join the hospital. The training enables them to handle modern equipment, critical conditions, and patient care better. Apart from that, there are sessions on how to manage patients, professional behavior, use of uniforms, etc. Currently, the hospital has more than 550 staff, and 113 of them are physicians. The hospital building is built on 21,000 square meter area and spread across seven floors with the latest technology studded in every inch. The project started in the year 2013 with an investment of 400 million reals. Read more at about Copa Star.

The hospital offers five-star amenities to the patients, and every patient bed has an iPad with specially designed Copa Star application installed. The application is helpful for the patients to control the environment including changing temperature of the room, air flow, controlling lights, and calling doctors or nurses for assistance. Even doctors can show the test results using the iPad and application. The architecture of the hospital offers a new environment of health care with plush sofas, spacious corridors, artworks at the corridors and rooms, etc. The hospital has 231 works of Japanese painter Yutaka Toyota. The healthy and energetic atmosphere inside the hospital is another important aspect; people don’t experience the ether smell like other hospitals but gets a warningly refreshing air of fragrances.

Rede D’Or São Luiz is the largest independent hospital group in the country with the presence in all the major cities. Since it founded in 1977, the group has gone through rapid expansion, and currently, there are 33 hospitals under the management. Altogether, there are 4,960 beds in the network hospitals. The group also has a number of associated hospitals that provide high-quality health care to the Brazilians. Due to the astounding success of Copa Star, the group is planning to expand its ultra-modern and luxurious healthcare experience to other Brazilian cities as well. Per the official information from the group, it has started constructing the branches of Copa Star in São Paulo and Brasília. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.


Alexandre Gama Protects Brazilian Culture In Many Different Ways

The Brazilian advertising legend Alexandre Gama recently returned to his home nation on a full time basis after spending a large amount of the 21st century traveling the world as part of his role as the Chief Operating Creative Officer for the Neogama/BBH ad agency. Despite building a global reputation as one of the world’s top creative people and executives in the advertising industry, Alexandre has also stayed true to his roots by accepting a role with the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies; the BAAA is charged with protecting Brazilian advertising interests around the world and advancing the industry to its maximum potential.

Outside the world of advertising the interests of Alexandre Gama are wide and varied as he looks to play a role in a range of different aspects in life. A good example of the chances taken by Alexandre Gama to back his interests is the investment he made in the U.K. based sports car manufacturer Briggs Automotive Company, a link that began while Gama was working with BBH. The long tradition of Brazilian music including the classical sounding guitar is being protected by Alexandre Gama as he fears has established a YouTube channel and foundation to teach young people the skills needed for this musical area.


How Roberto Santiago Revitalized Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian businessman who grew up in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. He is a graduate of the Pio X Marist College and also the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he earned his Business Administration degree. He started out his career by founding a cartonage company in his native city, where he designed, manufactured, and sold cardboard folding boxes to other companies. He used his money to buy a large area of real estate in Joao Pessoa on which he built the Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall was completed and opened for business in 1989.

The mall that Roberto Santiago built is the largest mall in the state of Paraiba, Brazil and is additionally included among the largest ones in the entire country. Manaira Mall has become a daily attraction for many residents of the area as it includes a theater, giant food court, entertainment options like arcade machines and bowling, and a prodigious amount of retail shopping. It also has banks, a fitness center, and a college. Roberto Santiago has added onto and updated the mall a number of times over the years. Read more on

One of the biggest additions was in November 2009 when Domus Hall was opened. Domus Hall is located on the roof of the mall. It is air conditioned and can hold 8,000 people. Domus Hall is used as a concert venue and to host art exhibitions, fair, and theatrical performances. It has also become a popular place to hold weddings, wedding receptions, business conferences, and other events. Domus Hall has two levels; the top level is the wide open concert area while the lower level has multiple, smaller rooms that allow for more private events. The lower floor also has lounge rooms and bars.

The food court has also received a lot of attention from Roberto Santiago over the years. He expanded the food court in 2008, 2012, and 2014. The food court now has restaurants that can fit every budget and taste. While it has the usual types of fast food companies, it also has high-end options including Espaço Gourmet, Waynes, and Capital Steakhouse.

Because of Domus Hall and the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall in general, a great many cultural events and experiences have come to Joao Pessoa that would have bypassed the city in the past. The mall has also been a boon to employment in the area as many people work at the mall. The mall that Roberto Santiago built has attracted development around in that is both retail and office space in nature. Additionally, since he built the mall there has been a great deal of residential development in the neighborhoods that surround the mall.

Learn more:,e09ef288deaa3d300d489b02fd39d65dqaqt790n.html

An Expensive Bet

In an Article published on, Timothy Armor writes about how Warren Buffet is opposed to the short term investing mindset. We all know Warren Buffet as the legendary investor who has pledged billions of dollars to charity. He has recently made a bet of $1 million against a team of hotshot young investors.

He wants to teach them a lesson by showing them he can beat their hedge funds through using the passive index of the S&P 500. Buffet has long been a proponent of the idea that investments should be held onto for many years. Those who use this strategy benefit more over the long term. It is also very smart to save money for retirement according to Warren Buffet. Get your money in the market, and keep your money in the market if you want to live comfortably when you are older. They don’t call him an investing oracle for nothing.

Timothy Armor is betting that the hotshot young investors have bitten off more than they can chew in this case and that Buffet will soundly thrash them in the indexes. Still, the $1 million wager is not a big deal to a man who possesses billions.

Tim is no lightweight in the world of investing either. He has worked for 34 years as a financial analyst. He began his career in The Associates Program at Capital Group. Now, he is the head of the company, holding the position of Chief Executive Officer. He also holds positions on the board of directors for the company. Tim has made service companies and telecom companies his specialty. He studied economics and got a degree from Middlebury College. He is a native of the city of Los Angeles and seems to really enjoy life there.

From the start of his career, Tim was recognized as someone with great potential. and he continues to distinguish himself at Capital Group.

Learn more about Timothy Armour:

The Restorative Properties in WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioners Really Work

In an attempt to see if she could improve the overall condition of her dull, lifeless hair, a young woman decided to try one of the WEN cleansing conditioners she saw advertised on television. As a self described hair care fanatic, she wanted to see if the claims about WEN’s amazing properties were true. To help her determine if WEN actually did perform the way the advertisements claimed, she decided to keep track of the results she saw every day for one week. After completing one week of using WEN she compiled her results into an informative article she supplemented with color photos of her hair, which she then posted on Bustle.

The first difference the young woman noticed when using WEN was that it did not lather the way traditional shampoos do. As she worked the product into her hair she also noticed a difference in the way her hair felt. Her hair actually felt as though it was becoming thicker while she used the Fig version of WEN. The conclusion she came to after her week long experience with WEN, was that she did notice at the end of her day her hair did look shiner and healthier even though she admitted to using styling products to help hold it in place.

Specially Formulated to Restore Damaged Hair

The different versions of WEN by Chaz are designed to treat the various problems people have with their hair. All of the cleansing conditioners in the WEN line are sulfate free, which is why they do not lather like traditional shampoos. They also contain botanical elements derived from natural plant sources, which is why they can help repair damaged hair. The restorative properties in WEN can help add volume, body and shine to dull, lifeless hair as well as repair hair that has been over-processed through perming or coloring. Wen products are available on the Wen Website and the official Chaz Dean store ( Get yours today!

For more product information, visit the Wen Twitter page.

Customers Are In Support Of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is leading the public safety industry, and customers are in support of them because they are creating such fantastic technologies. Many of them are raving about the Video Visitations that they are using in their facilities. This allows the inmates to have visitations with their loved ones on a regular basis, and they can see and hear them with the videos.


The company is very interested in hearing what their customers are saying, and they have invited them for a visit to their Dallas, TX location. When they come to their business, the people will be given a presentation and tour, and they can see what the latest technologies are that the company is working on. Since the people will be able to ask questions, they will learn a lot about the company, what it is working on, and why it is so important for the public’s safety.


Securus Technologies is a company that is dedicated to making the world a better place for everyone to live in. They are constantly creating new and better ways to keep the public safe. Their work is in both the civil and criminal sectors of justice. They are contracted by the government on a regular basis, and they are able to do work that other companies cannot do. Since they continue to succeed at what they do, they will keep the public even safer.