Alexandre Gama Protects Brazilian Culture In Many Different Ways

The Brazilian advertising legend Alexandre Gama recently returned to his home nation on a full time basis after spending a large amount of the 21st century traveling the world as part of his role as the Chief Operating Creative Officer for the Neogama/BBH ad agency. Despite building a global reputation as one of the world’s top creative people and executives in the advertising industry, Alexandre has also stayed true to his roots by accepting a role with the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies; the BAAA is charged with protecting Brazilian advertising interests around the world and advancing the industry to its maximum potential.

A good example of the chances taken by Alexandre Gama to back his interests is the investment he made in the U.K. based sports car manufacturer Briggs Automotive Company, a link that began while Gama was working with BBH. The long tradition of Brazilian music including the classical sounding guitar is being protected by Alexandre Gama as he fears has established a YouTube channel and foundation to teach young people the skills needed for this musical area.


How Roberto Santiago Revitalized Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian businessman who grew up in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. He is a graduate of the Pio X Marist College and also the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he earned his Business Administration degree. He started out his career by founding a cartonage company in his native city, where he designed, manufactured, and sold cardboard folding boxes to other companies. He used his money to buy a large area of real estate in Joao Pessoa on which he built the Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall was completed and opened for business in 1989.

The mall that Roberto Santiago built is the largest mall in the state of Paraiba, Brazil and is additionally included among the largest ones in the entire country. Manaira Mall has become a daily attraction for many residents of the area as it includes a theater, giant food court, entertainment options like arcade machines and bowling, and a prodigious amount of retail shopping. It also has banks, a fitness center, and a college. Roberto Santiago has added onto and updated the mall a number of times over the years. Read more on

One of the biggest additions was in November 2009 when Domus Hall was opened. Domus Hall is located on the roof of the mall. It is air conditioned and can hold 8,000 people. Domus Hall is used as a concert venue and to host art exhibitions, fair, and theatrical performances. It has also become a popular place to hold weddings, wedding receptions, business conferences, and other events. Domus Hall has two levels; the top level is the wide open concert area while the lower level has multiple, smaller rooms that allow for more private events. The lower floor also has lounge rooms and bars.

The food court has also received a lot of attention from Roberto Santiago over the years. He expanded the food court in 2008, 2012, and 2014. The food court now has restaurants that can fit every budget and taste. While it has the usual types of fast food companies, it also has high-end options including Espaço Gourmet, Waynes, and Capital Steakhouse.

Because of Domus Hall and the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall in general, a great many cultural events and experiences have come to Joao Pessoa that would have bypassed the city in the past. The mall has also been a boon to employment in the area as many people work at the mall. The mall that Roberto Santiago built has attracted development around in that is both retail and office space in nature. Additionally, since he built the mall there has been a great deal of residential development in the neighborhoods that surround the mall.

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An Expensive Bet

In an Article published on, Timothy Armor writes about how Warren Buffet is opposed to the short term investing mindset. We all know Warren Buffet as the legendary investor who has pledged billions of dollars to charity. He has recently made a bet of $1 million against a team of hotshot young investors.

He wants to teach them a lesson by showing them he can beat their hedge funds through using the passive index of the S&P 500. Buffet has long been a proponent of the idea that investments should be held onto for many years. Those who use this strategy benefit more over the long term. It is also very smart to save money for retirement according to Warren Buffet. Get your money in the market, and keep your money in the market if you want to live comfortably when you are older.

Timothy Armor is betting that the hotshot young investors have bitten off more than they can chew in this case and that Buffet will soundly thrash them in the indexes. Still, the $1 million wager is not a big deal to a man who possesses billions.

He began his career in The Associates Program at Capital Group. Now, he is the head of the company, holding the position of Chief Executive Officer. He also holds positions on the board of directors for the company. Tim has made service companies and telecom companies his specialty. He studied economics and got a degree from Middlebury College. He is a native of the city of Los Angeles and seems to really enjoy life there.

From the start of his career, Tim was recognized as someone with great potential. and he continues to distinguish himself at Capital Group.

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The Restorative Properties in WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioners Really Work

In an attempt to see if she could improve the overall condition of her dull, lifeless hair, a young woman decided to try one of the WEN cleansing conditioners she saw advertised on television. As a self described hair care fanatic, she wanted to see if the claims about WEN’s amazing properties were true. To help her determine if WEN actually did perform the way the advertisements claimed, she decided to keep track of the results she saw every day for one week. After completing one week of using WEN she compiled her results into an informative article she supplemented with color photos of her hair, which she then posted on Bustle.

Her hair actually felt as though it was becoming thicker while she used the Fig version of WEN. The conclusion she came to after her week long experience with WEN, was that she did notice at the end of her day her hair did look shiner and healthier even though she admitted to using styling products to help hold it in place.

Specially Formulated to Restore Damaged Hair

The different versions of WEN by Chaz are designed to treat the various problems people have with their hair. All of the cleansing conditioners in the WEN line are sulfate free, which is why they do not lather like traditional shampoos. They also contain botanical elements derived from natural plant sources, which is why they can help repair damaged hair. The restorative properties in WEN can help add volume, body and shine to dull, lifeless hair as well as repair hair that has been over-processed through perming or coloring. Wen products are available on the Wen Website and the official Chaz Dean store ( Get yours today!

For more product information, visit the Wen Twitter page.

Customers Are In Support Of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is leading the public safety industry, and customers are in support of them because they are creating such fantastic technologies. Many of them are raving about the Video Visitations that they are using in their facilities. This allows the inmates to have visitations with their loved ones on a regular basis, and they can see and hear them with the videos.


The company is very interested in hearing what their customers are saying, and they have invited them for a visit to their Dallas, TX location. When they come to their business, the people will be given a presentation and tour, and they can see what the latest technologies are that the company is working on. Since the people will be able to ask questions, they will learn a lot about the company, what it is working on, and why it is so important for the public’s safety.


Securus Technologies is a company that is dedicated to making the world a better place for everyone to live in. They are constantly creating new and better ways to keep the public safe. Their work is in both the civil and criminal sectors of justice. They are contracted by the government on a regular basis, and they are able to do work that other companies cannot do. Since they continue to succeed at what they do, they will keep the public even safer.

Lori Senecal: Paving The Way For Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s International Ventures

Lori Senecal is a person who has made her mark in the advertising industry. As the global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Lori’s efforts to make Crispin Porter + Bogusky a success have been showcased umpteen number of times. As of right now, she holds the position of the power for the advertising company.

Lori Senecal has done more for the Crispin Porter + Bogusky than anyone could imagine. She has managed to take the company to new heights and has managed to establish the name of Crispin Porter + Bogusky as an international advertising agency that is capable of creating quality advertisements which are of an international standard, keeping in mind the local advertising trends.

Lori has immense knowledge in the field of publicity. Since becoming CEO, she has managed to lead Crispin Porter + Bogusky in a direction that is extremely favorable to their growth. At Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Lori is tasked with overlooking all the operations of the company.

Lori has been recognized by numerous organization for her exceptional leadership skills and has gone on to win numerous awards for her excellence in the field of advertising. She was awarded the ‘Creativity Innovators of the Year’ award for her work in the area of publicity. In 2016, Lori was given the title of the ‘Executive to watch’, a title given to only four people each year. It’s no doubt that Lori’s efforts have led Crispin Porter + Bogusky in a direction designed to make them one of the top advertising agencies in the country.

Lori has always been someone who seeks ways to break out of the ordinary and be her person, all while achieving her goals. Lori received a degree in business from McGill University in Montreal before she decided to venture out into the world of advertising.

Lori has had some her articles and works published in numerous newspapers like the NY Times, magazines and websites. One of her more well-known pieces would have to be ‘Clueless Or Subtly Strategic? What Brands Can Learn From Wayward Celebrities’. This is one article that people in advertising saw as a revolutionary means of branding a product. In the article, Lori talks about how brands must adopt the same publicity techniques that celebrities use, to create maximum recall among customers.

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