Rocketship Education: Highlighting the Measures of Academic Progress

Rocketship Education is promoting a different kind of grading for their students, called the Measures of Academic Progress or MAP. The city of Nashville in Tennessee is one of those cities that have a high discrepancy when it comes to the academic performance of their students. Rocketship Education has set up a school in Nashville, and their primary objective is to level the playing field for all of their students. They wanted to help those who fall below the passing rate of national examinations, teaching them some of the primary subjects in school that is essential to their learning. What’s nice about Rocketship Education is that they are doing everything that they can to teach their students and track their knowledge through different methods.

In Nashville for example, many children are living in poverty, and their performances in school are affected. Most of the schools would never care if the students could not learn anything from the lessons, and will wait for them just to drop out. Rocketship Education has a different approach when it comes to students who are having difficulties in learning. They are doing everything that they can to teach them new information, and teachers will be monitoring their performances closely. They would also check out their student’s progress and would never stop until the gap between their performances and other students have been filled out. This approach is practical, and it has helped many students who are studying at Rocketship Education schools to be more competitive.

For many parents in poverty-stricken areas, Rocketship Education is a gift from heaven. The government prescribes the school as an excellent alternative to public schools. Poor students are welcome to enroll, and the school will do its best to accommodate all children who wanted to learn. They are focusing on developing the student’s skills and talents, besides academics, and there is a close approach in honing them to become the next artists, athletes, and musicians. Rocketship Education is multiplying quickly, and they have opened new branches all across the United States, and they are planning to open more sites because of the growing demand for their services.