Marc Beer’s Start-Up Receives Financial Back-Up from Prominent Healthcare Investors

Marc Beer’s Renovia Incorporation announced that it had received over $42.3 million from its second round of financing. The funds were raised by valued healthcare capitalists like Longwood Fund, Inova Strategic Investments, and Cormorant Asset management.

The start-up’s second round of funding was coordinated by BayCross Capital Group, Ascension Ventures, and Perceptive Advisers.

Marc Beer, the founder, and CEO of Renovia Incorporation attested that he would use the funds to coordinate clinical trials, develop cost-efficient diagnostic tools, as well as market the diagnostic tools. The developments would improve the lives of the hundreds of patients who have been struggling with various pelvic floor disorders.

In particular, Marc Beer’s organization aimed at helping the 250 million women suffering from urinary incontinence. Women with the condition experience occasional leaks of urine that compromise their quality of life.


Doctors attribute the condition to weak pelvic floor muscles resulting from urinary tract infections, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, old age, and obstruction.

Since its inception, Renovia Incorporation has been working to develop a set of diagnostic tools that can be used to restore the strength of the weak pelvic muscles. Moreover, the organization has been developing tools and apps that could generate the information required to make informed diagnostic decisions.

Already, Renovia Incorporation has launched an FDA-approved device that strengthens the pelvic floor by stimulating the movements of the levator plate. The device uses groundbreaking apps and data management tools to diagnose and manage the detrimental condition.


A Memoir of Marc Beer Renovia

Marc Beer Renovia is one of the brains behind the success of Renovia Incorporation. As the start-up’s senior executive, Marc Beer formulates, implements, and monitors strategies that would drive the startup to its desired direction. Also, the executive sources for best talents, and he pilots fundraisers.

Before establishing Renovia Incorporation, Marc Beer worked in several companies operating in the United States’ biotechnology, pharmacology, and healthcare industry. He served as the CEO of Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, founding CEO of ViaCell, and the Vice President of Erytech Pharma. Also, Marc Beer worked as a board member of Mass Life Science, Biotechnology Industry Organization, Good Start Genetics, and Minerva Neurosciences Inc.


When he was asked to explain where he got the idea of Renovia Company from, Marc noted that he got a call approximately two and half years ago from a smart 70 years old gynecologist who had been in the field of surgery for the past 35 years. The gynecologist devoted the past 7 – 10 years researching on the best way woman could avoid surgery. This among the perfect individual to think about the innovation that would be required to keep these patients off the operating rooms. The gynecologist eventually came up with the idea and took him through Marc’s network and ecosystem. This is how Renovia came to being. Learn more:


Alex Pall’s journey from a mere art gallery to the world map through Music

Alex Pall is passionate about two things, being the DJ on top of the decks and telling his personal stories through music. Pall‘s life was not always this fun though, there was a time he felt guilty about work being fun, and for a time, he ventured into the art industry before realizing that music was what made his heart beat fast.


Alex Pall found his way back to his first love and started a band he named the Chainsmokers before he lost his partner and in a stroke of luck he came across Andrew Taggart who turned out to be the best and closest real life and music buddy. Together they have worked on songs like Selfie, Roses, Waterbed, Don’t Let me Down and most recently Closer. Pall is proud of the fact that their music transcends gender and age. Pall and Andrew often take part in every stage of their music production process. For instance they throw in their ideas during song writing and even at times they write the songs themselves and tell the stories of their lives.


This factor distinguishes Pall and his band from the rest because most artists don’t want to expose themselves that much to people and prefer to sing songs that are not about them.


Alex Pall has come a long way from his days as a struggling DJ who had to make ends meet by working ten straight hours every day in his apartment. Together with his then partner, Alex Pall was still trying to figure out what he loved musically and what worked best. Through his massive contribution to the band, it is easy to see that Alex is not only welcoming but a hard worker as well.


Ever since they joined hands Alex and Taggart, have achieved milestones. They have been on tour and visited countries they never imagined they could. They have also worked with artists like Halsey who they always wanted to work with. Alex Pall is also a social media enthusiast who loves Instagram; and it is through this platform that he interacts with his fans.


Alex Pall is a member of the duo group Chainsmokers and is a DJ in the band as well as a songwriter.


More about Alex Pall.


Alex’s journey is the perfect definition of a grass to grace story. He hails from a humble background as a child of a stay at home mom and an art dealer. It is through his background that he developed interest for maters art. Currently at 33 years, Alex is a force to reckon in the music industry and there is no doubt that his hometown Westchester County New York is proud of its son.

The journey towards success by Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson runs an event organizing company that specializes in the provision of sound engineering and music production to musicians. Before he began his career, Clayton enrolled in a local university and took classes on theatre design. He later got employed in the live music industry. He grew ranks and became a project manager. Once he grew and polished his production skills, Clayton established a company that was aimed at the management, production, and designing of concerts. The great recession that engulfed employers also motivated Clayton to start up his own business.



Given his personal interest in rock music, Clayton focused his attention towards that. He has managed to successfully complete several technical and management tasks for renowned performers such as Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns N’ Roses. Talent is the secret behind Clayton’s successful business. Clayton uses his computer skills to visualize his ideas. By using software systems, he can ensure the audience enjoy the shows fully. Closely paying attention to detail ensures you capture the best out of any concert.



Clayton has managed to attract new clientele through hard work. He always ensures that he delivers a professional experience to all his clients always. This has cemented a good reputation between him and his clients. Through a dedicated service delivery, his clients always refer him to their fellow musicians. Clayton is aware of the negative impact a small mistake can have to the future of his business and reputation. By learning from past mistakes, Clayton can evaluate his decision-making process better. This way he has managed to stay out of potential lawsuits that may arise.



Given that we are living in a technological world, Clayton always ensures that he uses the most recent equipment for his shows. Technology has made it possible to move around with equipment that in the past were heavy and bulky, which are now much lighter. Artistic effects by use of technology have ensured the audience is more entertained. The use of simple mobile devices an iPhone and software like Dropbox has enabled Clayton work from anywhere with ease. The technological advancement of this century has benefited Clayton’s business tremendously.


Clayton gets inspiration from prominent personalities like Thomas Jefferson and Vince Lombardi. He normally writes down quotes that tend to leave him inspired when it comes to knowing when to give up and persistence. Reading books also helps Clayton in staying inspired, though he urges people who decide to follow this suit to only stick to that which matters to them.  Learn more:

What Is the Connection between Hussain Sajwani and the Trumps?

When the inauguration dinner was held early last year, there were a lot of people in attendance. However, one of the most intriguing business leadmkio900iers present at the event was Hussain Sajwani. People got curious about him because the current president stated that he had proposed a great business deal to him, which he was going to have to turn down. It later surfaced that the two have been in business together for a long time now and that the DAMAC owner had even helped Trump create a golf resort in the United Arab Emirates. Here, is what you need to know about the Emirati businessman. Learn more:


Hussain Sajwani graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and economics. His Company, the DAMAC Group, is a real estate development company which has roots in the UAE but is also spreading its influence to other parts of the Middle East, and the UK. When he started out, he was an employee at GASCO, a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, (ADNOC). He is a firm believer in the achievements that can be made through hard work, determination, and dedication.


The company, Damac properties currently employs more than 2000 people. The leadership expertise of the Hussain Sajwani Family is the reason behind the success of the group. They have completed projects in cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, London, Jeddah, and Riyadh. To date, the company has completed more than 19,000 units of real estate property, all of which have contributed to the significant portfolio that the company has been building in the past two decades. It is a little hard to believe the number of achievements that this company has made, primarily since it was only established in 2002.


Besides real estate development, Hussain has been very actively involved in some philanthropic causes. There was a time when he teamed up with the Red Cross and the Red Crescent to deliver supplies to the less fortunate in Dubai and Lebanon. Sajwani has also provided free water for the less fortunate, among many other charitable initiatives. He is an exemplary leader in the society. Learn more:

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