Everything You Should Know About Freedom Checks

While the internet makes it easier for users to communicate and indulge in business, it also makes simple for scammers and other online miscreants to conduct their virtual crimes thereby impacting our real-life negatively. Online scams are evolving, and investors can barely recognize genuine investment opportunities. In a video released by Matt Badiali, he discusses freedom checks, a new investment idea. But before we break it down for you, let’s discuss Matt Badiali’s career and contribution in the investment world.

Matt Badiali is a trained geologist with business acumen and problem-solving attitude. He is a specialist in earth science and has traveled across the world to experience different economic situations while inspecting coal mines and oil fields to verify their legitimacy. As he worked in the industry, Badiali had the opportunity to interview executives of some of the prominent countries in oil and energy production. In 2008, Badiali advised his friends against investing in precarious energy stocks that were affected by the market crash. Two years later, he sold his shares at a slightly higher price thereby earning a profit of approximately 4,400 percent. Since then, Badiali has garnered prominence as an investment expert.

You now know a little about the person behind the great freedom checks. It’s now essential to explore the checks and disintegrate their presence in the investment world. The commercial that features Badiali explaining freedom checks and promising the common American impressive returns does not break it down for you.

MLPs run freedom checks. The idea is for the companies to utilize the Internal Revenue Code thereby allowing investors to enjoy their profits. While others are still reluctant to accept the offer, Badiali reiterates that it’s a lucrative opportunity for people who haven’t lost interest. The investment is a capital gain. The human population is vastly rising, and so is the undying demand for vehicles as well as other machines that utilize fuel. This situation should encourage investors to take advantage of the available investment opportunities since MLPs offer high returns. Besides, Matt Badiali has vast experience in geology. He can be trusted to provide viable advice.

Shervin Pishevar Sees Fall of Bitcoin Followed by Resurgence

Shervin Pishevar was an early investor in Uber. He now blasts Uber and its board of directors, intending to intervene in a lawsuit between a major Uber investor and founder Travis Kalanick. Pishevar contends that venture capitalist Benchmark’s lawsuit against Kalanick sought only to allow Benchmark to gain control of Uber. Alas, the lawsuit has been dismissed anyway, on Benchmark’s agreement, and now is of no concern to Pishevar or anyone else.

The lawsuit formed just one topic in a verbose 21 hour tweet storm from Shervin Pishevar in February of this year. He went far beyond the lawsuit to also hint at the decline of the US economy, promising a 6,000 point drop in the stock market and a crash in the bond market, as well as a loss in the economic race with China. California will also see a decline as its hold over Silcon Valley is diminished. As for bitcoin, Pishevar sees a drop to $2,000, but then a resurgence to follow.

What are Shervin Pishevar’s general thoughts on bitoin, beyond this one prognostication? Pishevar is far from alone in offering predictions on the rise and fall of bitcoin. Predictions are rife of everything from a climb of bitcoin to $100,000 to a decline to mere pennies. One thought Pishevar has had about bitcoin is that ii would eventually become usable for micro-purchases, meaning that some day bitcoin might be usable to buy morning coffee, or even to pay for an Uber ride. Even now bitcoin can be used to buy goods out on the street. A tire shop in Phoenix displays on its window that it accepts bitcoin and other cryptocoins for the purchase of tires. Car dealers in the US accept bitcoin, including a Ford dealer in Carrolton Texas and an Acura dealer in Valley Stream New York. There is even the story of some lucky fellow buying a Lamborghini with bitoin and getting it cheap.

Shervin Pishevar is an investor, an entrepreneur, and a futurist. He is also a philanthropist. As futurist, he lives in the future, and predicts that what was once only science fiction will soon become mostly science. Witness Virgin Hyperloop One, a revolution in transportaion. Pishevar and his firm Investment company are primary investors in Hyperloop One, and Pishevar sees with it a lifechange about to come to all.