Why Business Owners Should Pay Attention To Their Online Reputation

Business owners now need to realize that their online reputation is something they should not ignore. In fact business owners are highly encouraged to take control and manager their online reputation. This statistic alone should scare or motivate any entrepreneur to take charge of their digital footprint. Businesses or professionals such as doctors can risk losing more than half of all potential business if search engine results display negative results in the first page. Basically, the more negative things you have on search engine results, the more you will suffer in potentially lost business.

Getting your online reputation under control is not a Herculean task. The best way to start is by doing a thorough Google search and maybe a Yahoo and Bing while you are at it. You might want search Google images as well. Carefully look at what the results bring. If you see negative results, make a note of it.

Once you have an idea of what your reputation is, it is time to take action. If you have identified negative social media postings or images, you should try and remove or take them down. This is called cleaning up your online reputation. After all you don’t want a client or investor in your company digging through personal embarrassing photos or trolling comments you may have made years ago. Experts from Status Labs suggest removing as much of the negative stuff as you can and your online reputation should see a major improvement.

The next best thing you can do is to create a personal website and include a personal bio or about us section for a company. This page should rank high in search engine results and be an informative and authoritative source of information about you on the web. Try to use your actual name, your company’s name or a deviation of your name or brand name as the URL. Doing this will further improve your online presence.

Some additional tips to make your personal and company page standout include adding an active element to it. This means that you publish new content on it such as a blog or press releases periodically. Providing a method of contact can also make you more credible and lead to business opportunities.