Drew Madden: Amazon Steps On CVS Market

It is hard to be one of the largest companies in the world and try to do something in secret. That is why Amazon did not get away with it for long when they applied for licenses to start selling pharmaceuticals on the Internet in some states. It was noticed and picked up almost immediately by the financial news media in particular. They wanted to note this because they knew that people would be interested, and they simply wanted to put it out there that Amazon had these kinds of plans.

Drew Madden read these stories of Amazon moving into CVS territory just like the rest of us. He decided that it was a very interesting thread to follow, and he wanted to make sure that he kept up with the story as it progressed. At this point, it has progressed.

CVS was one of the first companies that felt the sting of Amazon possibly coming into their market. While they could have easily sat around and licked their wounds so to speak, that is not what they decided to do. Instead, they went ahead and took some proactive steps to make sure their business model would be secure.

The first thing that they did was purchase the healthcare insurance giant Aetna in order to consolidate business. After that, they started to make promises. The first promise was guaranteed next-day delivery on many of the items they sell in their online stores. The next thing was that they would build out many more MinuteClinic locations in their physical stores in the United States. Both of those transformations are underway now. As you can see, CVS was not ready to just accept its fate and go quietly into the night. Instead, they have done a masterful job of making the most of the hand they were dealt. That is all that you can do when something like this happens if you want to stay around. Clearly, CVS wants to remain around for the long-haul. They may have just created the road map for other companies that come under the wrath of Amazon in the future.