Alexandre Gama Protects Brazilian Culture In Many Different Ways

The Brazilian advertising legend Alexandre Gama recently returned to his home nation on a full time basis after spending a large amount of the 21st century traveling the world as part of his role as the Chief Operating Creative Officer for the Neogama/BBH ad agency. Despite building a global reputation as one of the world’s top creative people and executives in the advertising industry, Alexandre has also stayed true to his roots by accepting a role with the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies; the BAAA is charged with protecting Brazilian advertising interests around the world and advancing the industry to its maximum potential.

A good example of the chances taken by Alexandre Gama to back his interests is the investment he made in the U.K. based sports car manufacturer Briggs Automotive Company, a link that began while Gama was working with BBH. The long tradition of Brazilian music including the classical sounding guitar is being protected by Alexandre Gama as he fears has established a YouTube channel and foundation to teach young people the skills needed for this musical area.