Marc Beer’s Start-Up Receives Financial Back-Up from Prominent Healthcare Investors

Marc Beer’s Renovia Incorporation announced that it had received over $42.3 million from its second round of financing. The funds were raised by valued healthcare capitalists like Longwood Fund, Inova Strategic Investments, and Cormorant Asset management.

The start-up’s second round of funding was coordinated by BayCross Capital Group, Ascension Ventures, and Perceptive Advisers.

Marc Beer, the founder, and CEO of Renovia Incorporation attested that he would use the funds to coordinate clinical trials, develop cost-efficient diagnostic tools, as well as market the diagnostic tools. The developments would improve the lives of the hundreds of patients who have been struggling with various pelvic floor disorders.

In particular, Marc Beer’s organization aimed at helping the 250 million women suffering from urinary incontinence. Women with the condition experience occasional leaks of urine that compromise their quality of life.


Doctors attribute the condition to weak pelvic floor muscles resulting from urinary tract infections, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, old age, and obstruction.

Since its inception, Renovia Incorporation has been working to develop a set of diagnostic tools that can be used to restore the strength of the weak pelvic muscles. Moreover, the organization has been developing tools and apps that could generate the information required to make informed diagnostic decisions.

Already, Renovia Incorporation has launched an FDA-approved device that strengthens the pelvic floor by stimulating the movements of the levator plate. The device uses groundbreaking apps and data management tools to diagnose and manage the detrimental condition.


A Memoir of Marc Beer Renovia

Marc Beer Renovia is one of the brains behind the success of Renovia Incorporation. As the start-up’s senior executive, Marc Beer formulates, implements, and monitors strategies that would drive the startup to its desired direction. Also, the executive sources for best talents, and he pilots fundraisers.

Before establishing Renovia Incorporation, Marc Beer worked in several companies operating in the United States’ biotechnology, pharmacology, and healthcare industry. He served as the CEO of Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, founding CEO of ViaCell, and the Vice President of Erytech Pharma. Also, Marc Beer worked as a board member of Mass Life Science, Biotechnology Industry Organization, Good Start Genetics, and Minerva Neurosciences Inc.


When he was asked to explain where he got the idea of Renovia Company from, Marc noted that he got a call approximately two and half years ago from a smart 70 years old gynecologist who had been in the field of surgery for the past 35 years. The gynecologist devoted the past 7 – 10 years researching on the best way woman could avoid surgery. This among the perfect individual to think about the innovation that would be required to keep these patients off the operating rooms. The gynecologist eventually came up with the idea and took him through Marc’s network and ecosystem. This is how Renovia came to being. Learn more: