Jeffrey Aronin Biography and Accomplishements

Jeffrey Aronin is a professional entrepreneur as well as a good Samaritan. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Bioscience. It is a biotechnology incubator and investment organization he founded to aid patients living with rare and serious infections and diseases that often have no certified treatment. Paragon Bioscience portfolio organizations use modern research methods to find out new therapies together with medications. Describing an innovative way of treating infections and illnesses, Paragon Biosciences explores to look for new treatments and therapies outshining those that are already known to modern medicine. Even though the endeavours of scientists throughout the decades have succeeded in building innovative ways of treating diseases, Jeffrey Aronin wants to take the biotechnology to a greater position.

Jeffrey Aronin utilizes his innovative experience and mindset to improve medical methods for treating patients with rare diseases. For Jeffrey, a most important key in curing diseases is to go beyond the current methods. Paragon Biosciences has built a network system of biotechnology organizations recruiting researchers who are enthusiastic about discovering new treatments to diseases. Each organization in the network system employs researchers who establish modern methods for treating a rare disease/infection or a set of infection/ diseases. Each firm has its own head, but the organizations are branches of the Paragon Biosciences’ portfolio.

Paragon Biosciences has already attained a good amount of status in the biotechnology industry. Jeffrey Aronin’s research and Executive teams have provided a huge leadership to its 14 modern medicines that have been affirmed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Despite Paragon Biosciences having won its rightful spot among the top bioscience incubator and investment companies, Jeffrey Aronin is not yet fulfilled satisfied by just having the approval of the FDA. He additionally wants to offer financial help to committed researchers. Accordingly, Jeffrey helps research group with the needed money to aid them in their attempts to develop a new treatment. From discovering new medications for rare blood disorders to diseases related to the central nervous system. The research groups regularly attempt to find methods in which ailing patients can get healthier and longer lives.


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