Dr. Saad Saad is saving lives

Saad Saad is a lauded pediatric surgeon. A one of a kind individual, Saad has saved many lives and improved the quality of life for many more. What truly sets Saad apart is his ambition. Saad is always searching for new avenues to discover innovation. His passion has been reflected in the many patients whose lives he has touched.


Saad is always changing the status quo in his field. Since he began working, pediatrics have never been the same. Saad takes pride in his work, as he tries to reduce the pain felt by patients and increase their living conditions. In doing so, he crafts a personable relationship with those he treats.


Recently, Saad as taken on the role of an inventor. He has created many copyrights that have successfully made the transition to commercially available products. Two of these products, in particular, have had huge effects on the lives of those he treats. One such instrument assists with catheter injection. A catheter is a small device inserted into a patients body, and it assists doctors with transferring vital fluids. Saad has crafted a way to insert catheters without a body scan, an innovation that has saved countless lives. In allowing this innovation, Saav has created new avenues for doctors to save the lives of the ailing. But the catheter isn’t Saad’s only invention.


Saad has also constructed a device that allows doctors to maintain eye contact with afflicted areas while still operating on crucial areas. This ability has revolutionized the way doctors interact with their patients. The ability to multitask during delicate treatments has made this product one of the most highly sought after pieces in medicine. Doctors around the globe have taken to using Saad’s technology, and patients have enjoyed a greater degree of care as a result. Saad doesn’t see this as a stopping point, however, as he is still creating innovative new technologies to this very day.


Saad is driven by his intense passion for catering to patient’s needs. In doing so, Saad has created a business that is both fulfilling and long-lasting. In the coming years, Saad says he will have even more revolutionary devices for patients to enjoy, and the medicinal world waits with baited breath in regards to what they can be. In the meantime, his patents are still saving thousands per day. The world of pediatrics owes a great deal to Saad Saad. Learn more: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html

Catering CEO Mina Ebrahimi Dedication to Charitable Work

Born by an immigrant parent who arrived in the country in 1978; Mina Ebrahimi is the Catering founder and the CEO of Saint Germain Catering. At the age of eleven, Mina Ebrahimi started working with her parent at Seven Corners. At that early age, she began developing her knowledge in the hospitality industry. The family café moved to Tyson’s Galleria, and they renamed it as Saint Germain Café. At the age of 26 in 1999, with much effort and determination, Mina split out and began her own company which she named Saint Germain Catering.

She focused on corporate catering and serving on special wedding event and top clients wedding.

Currently, Saint Germain Catering is the most significant catering company owned by a woman in the country. The company manages more than 200 events every day, and it serves 7,000 individuals each day across Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland. She has 32 employees full time and eight who works on a part-time basis.

Mina Ebrahimi has received many accolades and awards such as Enterprising Women of the Year Award in 2014, Smart CEO’s Brava Award and Washington Business Journal for Top 40 under 40 Award in 2010. Brava Award celebrated her for being a business leader who shares passion and spirit in giving back to the society. Her professional success has powered her devotion to fund and support many organizations and nonprofit foundations including Operation Homefront DC that provides program intended to create secure and stable military families, The 25th Project that helps the community to shelter homeless people in Northern VA where they offer food donations and other provisions all the year.

Mina also sponsors McBaine a cancer concealment dog together with the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Vet Working Dog Center that help with detection tools that detect early ovarian cancer to over 14,000 women who loses their battle with ovarian cancer every year.

Mina also uses her earnings from Saint Germain Catering to help with cancer research at Pennsylvania University through animal’s treatment for a disease. Mina Ebrahimi is the founder of Jack-Ebrahimi Program at Pennsylvania University which is the only interventional radiology veterinarian programs in the Nation and also Mina-Ebrahimi Foundation that endows women to build a future in business.


Alex Pall’s journey from a mere art gallery to the world map through Music

Alex Pall is passionate about two things, being the DJ on top of the decks and telling his personal stories through music. Pall‘s life was not always this fun though, there was a time he felt guilty about work being fun, and for a time, he ventured into the art industry before realizing that music was what made his heart beat fast.


Alex Pall found his way back to his first love and started a band he named the Chainsmokers before he lost his partner and in a stroke of luck he came across Andrew Taggart who turned out to be the best and closest real life and music buddy. Together they have worked on songs like Selfie, Roses, Waterbed, Don’t Let me Down and most recently Closer. Pall is proud of the fact that their music transcends gender and age. Pall and Andrew often take part in every stage of their music production process. For instance they throw in their ideas during song writing and even at times they write the songs themselves and tell the stories of their lives.


This factor distinguishes Pall and his band from the rest because most artists don’t want to expose themselves that much to people and prefer to sing songs that are not about them.


Alex Pall has come a long way from his days as a struggling DJ who had to make ends meet by working ten straight hours every day in his apartment. Together with his then partner, Alex Pall was still trying to figure out what he loved musically and what worked best. Through his massive contribution to the band, it is easy to see that Alex is not only welcoming but a hard worker as well.


Ever since they joined hands Alex and Taggart, have achieved milestones. They have been on tour and visited countries they never imagined they could. They have also worked with artists like Halsey who they always wanted to work with. Alex Pall is also a social media enthusiast who loves Instagram; and it is through this platform that he interacts with his fans.


Alex Pall is a member of the duo group Chainsmokers and is a DJ in the band as well as a songwriter.


More about Alex Pall.


Alex’s journey is the perfect definition of a grass to grace story. He hails from a humble background as a child of a stay at home mom and an art dealer. It is through his background that he developed interest for maters art. Currently at 33 years, Alex is a force to reckon in the music industry and there is no doubt that his hometown Westchester County New York is proud of its son.



Flavio Maluf’s Work for the Community

Running a business in Brazil is increasingly becoming more difficult. Keeping a business that lasts a long seems to be impossible. One man who is trying to make a change is Flavio Maluf. Flavio Maluf is a Brazil native who is the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex. Eucatex is a company that is dedicated to preserving the planet. They create programs that help with social and environmental development. Flavio Maluf has been searching for ways to maintain businesses and the world. The taxes that Brazilian entrepreneurs have to pay to the government are incredibly high. Once they are finished paying the government, they don’t have enough funds to continue running their company. The high taxes can shut down all businesses if something is not done about it soon. View flaviomalufofficial.com

Flavio Maluf works in his position of leadership as an advocate for change. For example, Maluf has worked to change the harsh effects that the taxes that have to be paid bring on business owners. He put together the Fiscal Incentive Laws. The Fiscal Incentive Laws is a program that would allow for business owners to use the money that would be used to pay taxes to benefit the community. The business owners will have the opportunity to pick how the funds will benefit the community. In the Fiscal Incentive Law rule the money does not go to the government. The business owners now have the power of knowing exactly what their money will be used for. When the times comes to pay taxes, it’s not as much of dread to do as it once was for them.

The Fiscal Incentive program has many benefits for the entire country of Brazil. The program won’t eliminates taxes, but it will manage the distribution of the taxes. Entrepreneurs aren’t able to be taxed off of money that they didn’t make in profit. All of the money that they are taxed on is money that they made in profit. Flavio Maluf’s work with Eucatex and the government has benefited people in the community as well as entrepreneurs who are trying to succeed. Visit: https://ideamensch.com/flavio-maluf/


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Executes Perfect Leadership At Banco Bradesco

Without a doubt, organizational change is a critical concept that every organization must consider incorporating into its growth. While at it, every company must know that there are different theories linked to organizational change. Therefore, it is critical to go for a theory that works for your company. Moreover, since these theories have an impact on every organization, it is critical to weigh the impacts of the chosen theory against the unit in which the change is going to be inducted. As you look into organizational changes, perhaps Banco Bradesco and its recent transitions poses as a good example. Here is a narration about the series of events that occurred in the banking institution since October 2017.

The Wake of Brandao de Mello’s Resignation

Brandao de Mello has often been known as the wingman of Banco Bradesco. As such, it was not expected of him to instantly resign without alerting his employees and colleagues. However, that is exactly what he went for. Addressing the employees on the same day, he stated that it was time for him to step aside as he had served for more than fifty years. Therefore, while stepping down, he also found it necessary to appoint Luiz Carlos Trabuco to lead as chairman while the board of directors selected a new leader to step in permanently. From that moment, CEO Luiz Carlos assumed Brandao’s leadership roles while working closely with his colleagues as well.

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The Appointment of a New President

A few months elapsed and the board of directors agreed to select a permanent replacement for the institution. Therefore, a leader was appointed and Octavio de Lazaro is his name. Perhaps he was elected because of his vast experience at Banco Bradesco. For instance, while he was young, Octavio de Lazari aspired to become a footballer. However, his father pushed him into the banking industry. Therefore, when it was time to focus on the development of his career, he joined Banco Bradesco and started working as a junior employee where he ran most of the office errands. Simultaneously, he worked with his seniors to elect various leaders who could help him with making the best decisions for his colleagues.

The Leaders, their Input

Because Octavio de Lazari registered remarkable improvement in his performance, the board of directors elevated him instantly. For that reason, he became the vice president. Now that he had worked with Brandao de Mello at some point in his life, it was only right for him to emulate his leader to some extent. Therefore, now that he has been chosen to lead Banco Bradesco, it is expected of him to prove that he is worthy of the cause.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco

On the other hand, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has always worked at Banco Bradesco not only as an executive leader but a dedicated role model for his junior colleagues. Therefore, as he paves the way for Octavio de Lazari, he shall still be expected to guide his juniors by implementing policies that work well for the bank. Besides, he has been working with the bank as clerk from when he was a teenager. He graduated from University of Sao Paolo. It goes to show that he is a qualified employee. Moreover, Luiz Carlos Trabuco upholds the leadership structure of the bank that Brandao de Mello instilled in his people.

Search more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384

Betsy DeVos Is Supporting Your Rights As A Parent To Send Your Children To The School Of Your Choice

Betsy DeVos was born in Michigan and grew up in a Dutch Community known as the Christian Reformed Church in Holland, Michigan. She obtained her college degree after attending Calvin College and married Dick DeVos. Over the course of her life, she has done plenty to further conservative religious and political movements by contributing her time and money to them. One of the causes that is closest to her heart is that of giving parents in the United States back their right to choose where they want to send their kids to get an education. This is known as educational choice, and she would like to see that every family in America, regardless of economic standings, has this freedom.


Betsy DeVos likes is not just a supporter of the movement but is really known as a champion of it. People that know her in the state of Michigan are surprised at how she was made out to look like she didn’t know what she was talking about during her confirmation hearings to be approved as the Secretary of Education for the United States. This is in sharp contrast to the woman they know as a reformer and fighter for causes that will benefit the everyone. The woman they know is someone who unites communities and helps them to fight for causes that they believe in. People there see her as a regular woman who is down to earth and about as genuine as they come, and this is the woman who has been working to fight for the educational rights of so many people.


Betsy DeVos believes that the issue of educational choice is a bipartisan issue and that there are people on both sides of the aisle working to make it come true. When taken to task on the subject due to the fact that three of the most well-known states that are moving towards educational choice are led by Republican governors, she commented that there is a growing number of Democrats who are also coming around to the idea. In Florida and Louisiana, which are two of these states, she pointed out that there is clear Democratic support. Mrs. DeVos believes this growing support has to do with the fact that there has been a consistent grassroots movement to put the issue in the spotlight.


Betsy Devos was asked of there were any other education-reform strategies that she found viable, she replied that education choice was her main focus. She continued by explaining that she finds it important to change the mindset that kids must go to a specific school simply because of the zip code of where they live. Freedom of choice is what she wants to give to people, and she is certain that technology will help out in the long run with changing people’s point of view. The reason for this is that in an age where the internet is as important as it is now it will be easier for people to understand the silliness of having to to a specific school building to get an education. When children can hop online and learn about specific subjects, it begins to become clear that the school systems in the United States need to be reformed. This is what Betsy DeVos has been trying to say for many years, and she plans on continuing to support the rights of American parents all over the country.


Visit www.betsydevos.com to learn more.