It Is a Double Win for Success Academy As They Scoop the 2007 Broad Prize

While winning a battle may not be everything, it remains a great confidence booster. Winning is synonymous to validating: it means that you are certain of what was required of you, your strategies were sound, and you clearly had a blue print for victory. It gives you energy to continue with your goals and strategies.

One organization that has recently confirmed that they have a blueprint for triumph is the Success Academy, a top performing New York City charter schools network. Success recently scooped the coveted Broad Prize for its pivotal role in closing the education achievement and performance gap between children of color and those from poor backgrounds. The $250,000 prize is an annual award given to charter management organizations for their college readiness programs. Success was presented with the award on 12 June at the Washington, D.C’s National Charter Schools Conference.

Prior to this award, Success Academy had won a high profile court battle with New York City. The 2-year-long court battle was over whether the Charter Network could run pre-kindergarten programs without subscribing to the various conditions set out in a New York City contract.

The historic ruling means a lot not only to the Charter Network, but also to the general public, especially children in public charter pre-K programs. First off, the children will benefit from all forms of innovative curricula that public charter schools, freed from the city’s bureaucracy, will be able to implement. Again, when those innovations prove fruitful, the charter schools will have the opportunity to share them with their districts and not-for-profit stakeholders.

Going forward, the organization aims to expand their network so that they can serve approximately 50,000 students. According to the Success Academy CEO, Moskowitz, a network that is capable of accommodating that size will go a long way in ‘proof pointing’ the success of public charter schools. The charter network also plans to launch a digital platform that will enable it to share its school design, training, pedagogy, training, and other intellectual resources with other public charter schools—locally and globally.

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